Why ASMR Is Trending In South Korea Right Now

ASMR is trending in South Korea
Picture of South Korea’s BTS posed up

Why ASMR is trending in South Korea right now.

1. ASMR is trending everywhere

Manhattan, NYC and Eiffel Tower, Paris

Generally ASMR as a sensation has just been growing consistently and globally over the past 5 years.

So in this case just take a look at this Google live chart below,

Furthermore compare this to another global sensation in Fortnite for some understanding of how remarkable ASMR’s growth has been especially with its level of consistency.

In fact let’s take a look at how Fortnite has stacked up over the last 5 years,

Yikes, that doesn’t look so good and Fortnite is a very popular game.

And even then it’s just not the same.. Epic Games please do bring back Fortnite Chapter 1.

Similarly if you’ve used Tiktok before…

We’ve got a direct comparison of ASMR with Tiktok sensation Charli D’Amelio down below here and Charli isn’t just anyone on the platform if you didn’t know.

She’s actually got a following of over 100 million on the platform.

And here’s how ASMR’s searches have stacked up against hers over the past 90 days,

Even more we’ve got live Google searches by country in the last 90 days compared below,

No ways right?! that’s what we also thought.

2. South Korea’s the most “ASMR” searched place

South Korea

In addition South Korea has been the most “ASMR” searched location over the past 5 years without a sign of loss in interest.

Indeed, they just love it more than anywhere else over there.

3. The Korean language sounds so good .

“Annyeoung-haseyo”… doesn’t that just sound well so good, it means “Hello” in Korean

Further the Korean language has been found to be universally beautiful and melodic; even more to some it sounds like a romance language.

As a result many listen to ASMR in Korean and so many in South Korea listen to this style of the sensation.

In fact if you’ve never listened to Korean before we’ve got some goodness from BTS right below.

4. K-pop stars approve of it.

Well K-pop, in the same way you wanted to learn to speak Korean on Duolingo just so you could understand what your favourite band was saying and then throw concerts in your room many others have gotten into ASMR.

Yeah K-pop does have a huge influence on so many and its also a reason many listen to ASMR now.

Even so the acceptance and unmistakable love of ASMR by Korean idols in the past few months and recent years has certainly lit Korean ASMR up.

Particularly a lot of young people today listen to some form of K-pop and given ASMR is mainly listened to by young people its only inevitable.

The Korean idols opinion’s on what’s cool has surely given the sensation a huge break away.

For this purpose we actually got some casually-brought-up ASMR by some well-known and well-loved Korean idols below,

A 2022 moment where Lisa enjoys some ASMR of her own while talking on “Lalisa” and “Money” with Zach Sang.
A 2017 moment where the entire Seventeen, Kpop group does ASMR.

Of course moments like these with Lisa and Seventeen just do it for us and ASMR’s love in South Korea.

5. South Korea is home to many ASMR creators.

Why ASMR is trending in South Korea
Picture of South Korean creator Sio ASMR making a Mukbang Youtube video.

Do we need to say more, South Korea has many big ASMRtists, particularly in the Mukbang genre of ASMR unlike no other place.

For the most part mukbangs haven’t received the same love internationally being seen as “annoying chewing sounds”.


As a waste of good food.

But man in South Korea aren’t they so beloved.

We’ve got two ASMR Mukbang-style below right here,

For instance Zach Choi.
Together with Stephanie Soo.

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