Why ASMR Is Trending In China Right Now

ASMR is trending everywhere right now ,but why is China a literal hotspot.

1. Tingting.

We’ve got you with a quick and simple answer, Tingting, she is one of the few well known Chinese ASMRtists creating this remarkable ASMR in a very much Chinese style.

ASMR Is Trending In China

2. Mukbangs are big in China.

Even more Mukbangs are actually appreciated in Asia and it appears the rest of the ASMR world does not quite pleasure in the sticky sounds of someone chewing in their ears and much prefer whispering sounds.

This makes sense as Mukbangs have a Korean origin.

3. ASMR is the healthiest sensation.

ASMR is literally trending everywhere among teens and kids and it’s actually pretty healthy for whoever listens to it.

Accordingly it has been strongly linked to being listened to most by people with high levels of neuroticism, read more here.

ASMR Is Trending In China

4. Twitch.

Of course not the same Twitch we know of ,but Douyu which is basically a Chinese Twitch.

5. The Benefits and why more ASMR is trending.

Furthermore for this purpose we have a very helpful blog post just for you on that, here.

6. Continued growth and ASMR is trending.

Likewise it may seem like we just woke up to China being ASMR hot ,but that is far from true. If you don’t believe us, here.

7. Popular culture

Besides a lot of series, comics, video games and movies that have been coming out the past year have all been referencing ASMR.

8. The science behind it and why ASMR is trending.

In fact ask NatGeo Wild yourselves, ASMR is just so natural to us all and very much pleasures and relaxes the mind with more research being done everyday.

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