Why ASMR is so popular in 2022.

Why ASMR is so popular in 2022?

1. You’re anxious, aren’t we all.

ASMR is so popular.
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From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the very much recent in our lives COVID 19 to the always present school/work pressures and stressors among other things you’re rightfully anxious.

As a result ASMR becomes a real escape for you and many other listeners, we’ve actually got a whole blog post on the 8 ways ASMR can make you the healthiest you’ve been in a while.

2. It is a human feeling.

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It is only human to feel this brain-melting joy!

3. It is a neural sensation.

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ASMR is no silly thing it actually makes you feel better on a science-y level.

4. It feels wrong yet so good.

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It feels like a guilty pleasure. We all want what we can’t have and that stays true with this sensation.

Many of us still listen to ASMR secretly because deep down we think ASMR is a sexual thing and like other sexual things we don’t watch or listen to publicly ASMR becomes a guilty pleasure and thanks to the internet and the insane privacy you get on here that’s totally fine.

So it turns out ASMR is far from sexual and it can very much be used to bond with family through ASMR listening parties and so we’ve got for you a whole blog post on how you can overcome this false truth, right here.

5. It is everywhere.

The sensation is literally everywhere from Hawaii to Alaska, so much so that we’ve actually got some interesting reads on why ASMR is trending in:

6. Blog posts like these.

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Blog posts like these?

Well come on now we’ve got to give ourselves a pat on the back somewhere. Jokes aside like the popular guy or girl, everyone of your friends was crushing on, you too soon became in love with ASMR, it helps that your friends love ASMR and so does it the media.

When we hear something is popular we also start to crush on it.

7. It is the new thing right now.

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Futher like your first love, anything new and novel to you is always fun and exciting and its honestly a whole jar of butterflies waiting to happen as there is so much to learn, so much mystery.

Many listeners of the sensation today only discovered or really got into it during the pandemic, 2020, when they were at what may have been their mental worst and ASMR is still so fresh in their minds right now.

Additionally ASMR was only named in 2010.

8. It can include role-play.

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ASMR has among many of its genres… role-play, how romantic!

So ASMR is actually not a genre in its own, but it is actually a whole sensation with many genres in it. We’ve got the full list on an ASMR audio streaming site here.

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