Why ASMR Day Is Important: 8 Things You Should Know

What is ASMR day for you, an ASMR listener?

ASMR day.
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1. When’s ASMR day?

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ASMR day is on the 9th of April.

2. A big day for a small community.

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ASMR Day is a day to raise awareness for the rising sensation, ASMR. It’s also a day to focus on the various sounds and images that cause this tingling sensation in humans and it’s celebrated internationally!

3. ASMR is an acronym.

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ASMR is short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Resposne.

A = Autonomous, having the freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs.

S = Sensory, of or relating to sensation or to the senses.

M = Meridian, in the mind.

R = Response, (response).

4. ASMR is not only enjoyed on the 9th.

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ASMR is almost everywhere and anytime from car sounds on the the semi-busy highways to crowd cheers for Emma Raducanu on the tennis court, ASMR is just everywhere and anytime. Ready for you to listen to and enjoy.

5. ASMR can be an anti-depressant.

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It has all the positives of an antidepressant, ASMR seriously calms and relaxes many as they listen to it, sometimes just through it’s delivery, for example April M Buckles: Fast and Aggressive.

6. ASMR is still used for its sleep benefits.

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It really just does help you sleep easy, full blog post, here.

7. ASMR is big in South Korea for chewing.

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The sensation is honestly just big in South Korea and South Korea is just a hot spot so much so we have a whole blog post on that, here ,but South Korea is also famous for it’s mukbangs and chewing videos in the world of ASMR, mainly as it’s their origin spot, details here.

8. ASMR is as good for you as it is for me.

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The sensation is a unique to you so much so that your sister might not even feel it while you could be completely immersed in it’s goodness.

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