What is ASMR? Everything You Need To Know

What is ASMR?
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What is ASMR?

1. ASMR is a joy.

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It’s this mind joy that is triggered by you hearing or seeing some goodness that just melts your mind.

Even more it’s this feel-good feeling, kind of like someone is gently caressing your skin that you get when stimulated by some ear or eye candy.

Further it is definitely an in-the-moment feel-good feeling.

2. ASMR is an acronym.

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ASMR stands for the full definition Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Meridian meaning of the brain and autonomous meaning self guided. Moreover sensory referring to how it has to do with your senses and response because it is more of a reaction to a stimulation.

3. ASMR is young and fresh.

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The sensation was only named in 2010 and it only recently around and during the pandemic gained traction as many were anxious and depressed.

4. It has many categories.

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It comes in many different forms and styles.

Some popular contrasting styles being the well known “gentle whispering asmr” and the uprising “fast and aggressive asmr”, both of which just feel so good. So many think ASMR is a category where in reality it is this big sensation that has many smaller categories within it.

Other genres in it include blowing, crinkling and rustling. Basically think of a normal distinct sound and yeah that too is a genre of the sensation, specifically the adjectives of sounds like “crispy”!

5. It’s big in South Korea.

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It’s one of the biggest Korean sensations, well outside of BTS and well Blackpink and well just the whole K-pop scene.

A lot of it’s sub genres like mukbangs or chewing sounds originate from South Korea and they’re just so loved by its people. Some Korean creators in the joy are Zach Choi and Stephanie Soo.

More on this, here.

6. It has health benefits.

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The sensation has many health benefits, for example sleeping easier and more lightly.

More on that, here.

7. It has a special day.

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The day is the 9th of April, yess that is International ASMR Day, a day just to celebrate the goodness.

More on that, here.

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