The Love Language Of ASMR And Blackpink.

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The Love Language Of ASMR And Blackpink, the sixth love language.

1. There’s the role-play.

Love Language Of ASMR.
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Honestly both just these really out of these world experiences!

2. The affirmations needed.

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Words of affirmation, honestly the number of affirmations one needs to hear to fully embrace and openly listen to the joy can be a lot.

It may take a lot for one to start listening to Blackpink or any other k-pop group openly especially if the rest of their friends, which they usually do, only listen to pop.

The same goes for ASMR which has been mis-branded as sexual and now a lot of its listeners are more weary of doing anything ,but listening to ASMR secretly. We’ve got a freeing treat on that, here.

3. The human experience.

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It’s only human to be head over heals for ASMR and Blackpink!

4. The self discovery.

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They are both really a chance for you to look within and learn more about yourself, your wants, your needs and your favourites!

Both are big and have a lot for you to learn about yourself, whether that be coming from the positively affirming English-Korean rap lyrics of Blackpink’s Lisa or the feel good inaudible sounds of whispering and blowing in ASMR.

5. They may need some learning at first.

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If Blackpink was your first taste of K-pop then you may know exactly what we are saying here, everything was so new to you.

You had to learn their names, there were so many songs you’d yet to hear, you had to learn their styles like Lisa’s iconic bangs and incredible dance moves as well as Rosé’s amazing Australian accent and Jisoo’s awesome Korean rap game.

And the same is true with ASMR, you have yet to learn the many genres and styles in ASMR like the South Korean mukbangs by Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi as well as the American blowing and whispering from Gracie Katie and Celaine’s ASMR!

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