Rick Rubin – Advice On How To Stop Overthinking

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1. Don’t Listen To Anyone.

The only advice I would have would be to not listen to anyone and to do what you love and to make things that you love.

Make your favourite things. Be the audience, you be the audience. Make things for you the audience. It doesn’t really matter what other people think. You can’t make art with someone else in mind.

I don’t believe it will be good. I don’t believe it can be good if you’re not the audience for your art.

2. Give All Of Yourself.

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If it could have been better then I am not done with it yet.

I will keep working on it. It’s the best it can be, I have done everything I can to make it the best it can be. I can’t do more than that so there’s nothing to be critical about.

If you always give all of yourself and do all your best which you’re capable of doing and I’m not suggesting you can do more than you can do ,but whatever it is you can do if you’ve given all of yourself where can there be regret.

3. Philosophy of Music.

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It seems like music has the ability to give us so much depth in our soul that is hard access in any other way and without it there would be a loss beyond the pleasure of it.

It seems like a window into something else.

Something about music can do it automatically maybe poetry or maybe certain abstract forms can get us there ,but there’s something about music that can get us there quicker.

4. Understand Your Team.

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It starts with the coming in blank and not having preconceived ideas, being open and really listening, listening without thinking about what you’re going to say next.

Basically being a recorder, hearing what comes in and then processing the information. Trying our best to do that without any of our beliefs impacting that.

If I ask you a question I don’t want any of those reaction happening when you’re answering.

I really want to understand from a place of curiosity. I want to understand who the person is and through questioning or spending time with someone you can really find out who they are.

5. Business Can Destroy Art.

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My job as a record producer is to keep the artist away from the voices.

Anyone on the business side that doesn’t make things they’re excited to do their part when the artist delivers the art ,but there’s nothing to sell if the art doesn’t happen the right way and it has be protected.

Art doesn’t happen in the same way that business does. Art doesn’t come in a quarterly way.

6. Avoid “Yes” Men.

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On the other side of it is in success there can be a lack of reality where everyone around a successful person tells them everything they do is great and they don’t have anything to bump up against.

They don’t have a realistic sense of how things work. Both sides are important. It helps to have someone you respect tell you that something you made is not good enough.

Not from a place of fear ,but on this quest of greatness are you living up to your potential?

7. Trust Your Antenna.

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You know I believe we are all vehicles for information that when it’s ready to come through it will come through.

You know you’ve had the experience where you had an idea and you didn’t act on it then when the time for the idea came someone else acted on it yeah they didn’t steal your idea time for the idea just came. We need to listen to our antenna of ideas. The idea found you for a reason.

8. Setting Positive Expectations.

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A lot of the job is setting up expectations that you can make great work. You have to believe that you can make your best album.

So the idea of re-framing the experience to let’s make the best album not let’s just barely make the album.

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