How you can listen to ASMR more shamelessly.

You’ve got to read this if you want to listen to ASMR more openly.

Firstly it’s okay for you to feel this way, many listeners share shame.

How you can listen to ASMR more shamelessly.
We are with you, ASMR listener.

1. You must find the “why” you care.

In fact let’s go back to your childhood or high school experience, this is where it normally starts.

You like many children started without a care in the world and this transcends ASMR ,but somewhere along the way you shared yourself and you were hurt.

We’re here to say this isn’t your fault ,but its your duty to yourself to find where this started and tell yourself you’re beautiful in everything you.

For this reason you need to stop running from this, it isn’t your fault you’re this way.

We have Quora evidence for you here.

2. You must accept that ASMR is not sexual.

Sadly ASMR has been dubbed sexual when in fact it is far from sexual, the equivalent is calling massages sexual which they certainly are not.

We have compiled for your benefit, these helpful articles:

3. Try talk to someone close and you’ll discover that you’ll listen to ASMR more confidently.

Just do it.

You’ll be surprised with their freeing words.

5. You can treat it like a cold shower.

Basically if you’re more familiar with hot showers there’s a popular technique to cold shower taking.

To summarise you wouldn’t immediately go full body into a 20o shower.

Now let’s bring that to listening to ASMR openly so you may not want to listen to ASMR in front of the whole school as your first step to overcoming the shame.

But maybe in front of your closest friend or maybe your dear mom.

You may be shocked to find yourself not rejected and if they do you’d be shocked it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, why do we have such bad worst case scenarios in our minds.

In fact if this has motivated you to start taking cold showers now, here’s the technique on Wikihow.

6. Read this full blog post if you want to listen to ASMR more openly.

For this purpose do not just read the headlines, you can’t cheat this process.

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