How You Can Listen To ASMR More Consistently.

Listen To ASMR.
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You too can listen to ASMR with a little more consistency, kinda like that of peanut butter.

1. Have some dedicated ASMR time.

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It’s new to you.

It’s not even a part of you yet so it’s totally normal not to have time for it in your busy day filled with piles of homework, hangouts with friends and chores from making your bed to packing your books.

So we are currently in the habit building phase and you really need to set out an undisturbed time to listen to it.

More over a lot of ASMR listeners love to end their day with the goodness so just before bed and others don’t like to put it off so at ~1700hrs.

Futher you really have to find a time that works for you and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be a whole hour of ASMR ,but more as long as the ASMR is enjoyable.

2. Find an ASMR streamer who goes live regularly.

Yess, Twitch.

If you haven’t heard of Twitch, it’s a livestreaming platform where people like you just go live online on video doing anything you may wish to watch, particularly ASMR video streaming is a thing.

So having someone that goes live everyday tied to your daily listening habit adds some accountability that will certainly ease things on you and your busy schedule and it comes with a whole Twitch AMSR community.

3. Get yourself a good pair of headphones or earphones.

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The same way it is easier to watch the NBA playoffs on 720p resolution over 144p resolution it is easier for you to listen to ASMR if the quality of sound is decent to good and it certainly can change things for you completely.

We personally recommend a good pair of HyperX Cloud headphones for that crisp, crispy sound.

4. Listen to ASMR with a friend.

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Honestly doing anything with a friend strengthens and intensifies your feels about said thing and the same is true in this case.

Hence the rave in ASMR listening parties, we got a whole blog post on these just for you, here.

5. Stop as soon as the ASMR gets boring.

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The same way they say you shouldn’t keep studying past your flow state else it will all just go over your head, you shouldn’t listen to ASMR post the feel good.

6. Explore.

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There’s plenty of fish in the sea!

No truer words could be said here, maybe you just haven’t found the exact brain melting joy for you. It is more likely there is a specific style of ASMR or a specific ASMRtist for you out there, which and who you will specifically just fall so much in love with.

We’ve got an interesting list of ASMR types by another ASMR blogger, here.

7. Overcome your ASMR shame.

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A big reason many fail to listen to ASMR with so much consistency is because of this, shame.

So they’re totally fine and listening to ASMR daily until the one day they go on camp with the family or a friend comes over or they go to grandma’s for the weekend and then they feel ashamed to listen to ASMR in front of these close people to them and guess what.. the streak is over.

Just like that and just getting back into doing it after the others are gone is always hard again and then the next time they have the courage listen to ASMR consistently again may be 6 months down the line, a whole 6 months!

We’ve actually written you a blog post specifically on how you too can listen to ASMR more shamelessly, here.

8. Read the full post.

You’ve got to read all of it, not just the headlines.

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