How To Teach ASMR To Someone For The First Time

Teach ASMR.
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Teach ASMR to someone for the first time.

1. Understand where they are.

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The first step is obviously understanding where they are now, how much they know about the sensation at this point.

Do they know anything? Have they heard of it before? Do they know what “asmr” is or what “asmr” means? Practically you don’t want to be that teacher who’s not custom to that someone you’re teaching.

So before you do your fair share of talking we highly recommend you do your fair share of listening.

2. Teach the essentials.

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Now for the essentials, what counts as essentials can be different for everyone ,but usually when we talk about essentials we mean what usually is “asmr” and what isn’t “asmr”.

And then the acronym “ASMR” maybe what does the acronym stand for.

Again what counts as essentials differs from teacher to teacher ,but it is important to make sure they have an understanding of what is going on at this point.

3. Show examples.

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The next phase is the show and tell.

At this stage you actually pull out your phone or turn on the television and get some content rolling, yess some good, relaxing ASMR.

Now after teaching them the essentials you’ve got to just show them what you’re talking about. At this stage they can also observe from you how one searches for ASMR, the best platform for this being Youtube.

We recommend you either search “Fast and aggressive asmr” or you search “gentle whispering asmr”, whichever is more of your pick.

4. Let them sit on it.

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Then the next step, yess just leave them. Well not with nothing ,but leave them exploring and doing their own self-learning of the sensation.

Leave them to watch some of their own goodness and to see if they really like “asmr”, what they think of it along with their own conclusions.

5. Test understanding.

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Just ask them what they’ve learnt so far and what they remember and really just do some listening.

Now if they forgot some core essentials you can re-visit those together otherwise you’re just hearing their own understanding of things, pretty cool!

6. Pick some goodness for both of you.

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Maybe here’s where the two of you can have an ASMR listening party, if you don’t know what that is we have a whole blog post for you, here.

But essentially what you’re doing at this stage is listening to some of the goodness together and honestly just enjoying it.

Cause thanks to you now you have an extra person who you can talk to about the sensation and listen to it with.

7. Enjoy.

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Just enjoy, congratulations!

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