How to make friends with ASMR

How to make friends with ASMR.
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How can you make friends with ASMR?

Why ASMR helps foster friendship

1. It’s a feel good.

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Like any other feel good there’s a lot to love and that can be all it takes to sprout a new friendship.

2. It helps you sleep.

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Many love their sleep foremost and ASMR really just helps many sleep better, faster and easier.

3. It’s an antidepressant.

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It strongly combats against negative emotions and physical feelings and hence ASMR is really like an antidepressant and others love and appreciate that goodness a little more.

How to make friends through ASMR

1. Online Communities.

You can go online to platforms like Twitch and go their ASMR section which usually has 10,000 concurrent viewers and chat up with some other listeners and maybe make a friend.

Making friends on Twitch this way is easy usually you only need to gift the other personal a subscription or log on daily at the same time as them and text at them “Hi” and just be kind and talk about what you’re both listening to and what you can both relate to and what you both love about the ASMR you’re listening to or the creator themselves.

2. Bonding with existing friends.

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Again you don’t always need to making new friends, it takes a lot more to make a new friend than to keep one.

You can message and re-engage an existing friend, wherever you may started your friendship even if at school, and talk with them about ASMR and your preferences and ask them their preferences and if they’ve even heard about the sensation.

Even more really you may find that you and the someone else in your life really connect a lot when it comes to ASMR when you once didn’t have a shared joy or similarity before, which can then strengthen your beautiful relationship furthermore!

Further you can even have an ASMR listening party!

3. Going to events.

You heard of the ASMR Exhibition by the Design Museum? Well it’s what you see above, it was one of the first ever ASMR events and it saw many travel to London from all around the world just to see the props on display and to just be there.

This was in London, May 2022 and a ticket cost $9.50 for an adult and $7.20 for a student.

If you can afford a ticket and you’ve got the time we’d recommend checking out an event in the sensation as this can be the perfect place to make new like-minded friends.

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