How ASMR Can Make You More Attractive.

You ever wondered how ASMR can make you more desirable ?

ASMR can make you more attractive

1. The literal make up tutorials.

So if you’ve been scrolling through Youtube or where ever you listen to ASMR you’ve probably come across these.

Our personal favourites being Celaine and Starling.

2. Feel good as ASMR can make you feel a tonne of emotions.

It’s no surprise after listening to this sensation you can be left feeling a lot of emotions.

To this end Headshots think they know exactly why this is so and we think we can agree with them.

3. Fun conversations with friends.

ASMR can lead to many meaningful conversations from playful to serious to intimate.

Furthermore we honestly think those kind of conversations build relationships whether that be over text or IRL, we actually have it as a reason in our 14 Things that make you love ASMR blog post for you.

4. Your expressions as ASMR makes you easy on the eyes.

You may already know this ,but ASMR can certainly leave you with facial expressions of Eww and Yess as some of it is down right annoying and the other the best feeling known to you and you may not say it ,but your face will show it.

Likewise smiling makes you more attractive as well as giggling and ASMR is certainly a trigger for these two among many things.

5. Feel silly as ASMR makes you more charming.

So right now ASMR is this fresh sensation and like others new to you you may make blatant mistakes before you really know it like mispronouncing “ASMR”, which then lets others see your imperfections.

So showing your imperfections and making mistakes has actually been shown to make people want more of you.. crush, sibling or friend, more on that here.

6. A chance to be confident, ASMR can make you more vulnerable.

Openly listening to ASMR as you may know screams “CONFIDENT” as it requires a certain level of confidence and willingness to be rejected which only confidence can bring.

Well duh ,but Marslix, how can I listen to ASMR more confidently ?

In fact we’ve got you, Entrepreneur actually has a blog post on how you can generally build confidence, here.

Even so we’ve got you on topic as we’ve actually written for you a “How to listen to ASMR more shamelessly, more confidently, more openly”, here.

7. Having genre favourites, with this ASMR can make you more desirable.

In brief. it’s attractive to be opinionated.

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