ASMR The Chew? All You Need To Know

ASMR The Chew? All You Need To Know
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Why you don’t like chew sounds quite like others do.

1. They’re loud and obnoxious.

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Let’s cut straight to the chase chewing with your mouth open is just louder than when your mouth is closed and it certainly can be OBNOXIOUS.

2. They’re rude and you feel disrespected.

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A lot of us, whether it be etiquette, grew up being told that chewing audibly loud or with your mouth open was wrong and rude so it would be no surprise that someone else doing this thing we have been told over and over not do until we stopped would trigger us in a negative way.

3. You’re not from South Korea.

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Let’s go to the source, South Korea!

South Korea if you didn’t know is the heart and origin of Mukbangs, eating videos basically, and even today a lot of huge ASMR creators around chewing are all from South Korea with the likes of Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi just to name a few.

So it’s no surprise the folks in South Korea absolutely love the variant and you not being from South Korea can make you a little more indifferent to this.

We have more on why ASMR is trending in South Korea right now, here!

4. You prefer other forms of the joy.

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Maybe you just prefer gentle whispers or blowing sounds, you know something more gentle and that’s totally fine!

5. You find the production wasteful.

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When mukbangs among chewing sounds come into play you’re bound to wonder how much of the food involved the creators are actually going to eat or how much they really need, which is also justified.

6. They just don’t sound right.

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It can happen, you can just not like the sound of chewing in your ears and that too is valid enough of a reason.

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