ASMR Tapping? Everything You Need To Know

ASMR Tapping? Everything You Need To Know
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ASMR tapping is just this goodness you may or may not have have of yet ,but man is it refreshing. The goodness is both relaxing and calming, in fact all ASMR is relaxing.

The full word for the acronym is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it basically means this sensation that folks get while watching these stimulating videos or audios. It is feeling of almost tingles running down your neck.

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It’s so calming so much so that it can have you sleeping in no time and that’s one of it’s primary uses unsurprisingly. ASMR comes in these many forms and triggers, one of them being tapping.

It usually involves a woman with her long nails tapping rhythmically at an object, maybe a lipstick container as she describes it and more.

Tapping on the different surfaces makes for different sounds sketchbooks and paper make for a sketchy sound while glasses and laptop keyboards make for a sharp and brittle sound.

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It’s not all triggers that appear to be as popular as this one in the public eye, one such being mukbang sounds, mukbangs are basically chewing videos and for some reason no one seems to be a fan of them.

We think it’s because we’ve all been conditioned since childhood not to chew with our mouths open cause it’s rude so seeing someone else break this rule becomes a negative trigger for us.

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