ASMR listening parties, they make you feel so good

We believe ASMR listening parties are the rave.

State of ASMR listening parties.

ASMR has been growing over the past few years since its discovery.

And now we’re really seeing its benefits grow and listeners use it in more ways.

One of those ways are ASMR listening parties basically this.

But for ASMR which is pretty cool.

So today there isn’t a single thing that does that for you.

But Marslix is working on that.

Today you can just play the ASMR audio out loud with your intended loved one


share some earphones with them


if over the phone you can just like coordinate the ASMR over a phone call which can be really fun


listen to it offline while texting.

How you can do it.

Simply open your favourite ASMR platform with a way for you and the other listener to hear/see the ASMR at the same time with you and ENJOY:

When they work.

Here’s are some situations where the listening parties work:

  • When it’s with a close friend who wants to get into ASMR with you and you both would love to explore your ASMR preferences or you’re both curious to learn ASMR together over the phone as you carry on with your days.
  • Even so when it’s with a sibling you share a room with and you two want to fall asleep late on a Friday night and you would both love to have a shared activity over the silence.
  • Particularly when you’re home with a loved one and one of you is feeling anxious and ASMR just lowers the anxious person’s anxiety so you could blast ASMR out loud and the two of you can carry on doing what you were doing or be present with the anxious person.
  • Similarly when you’re on the bus ride home and you and a close friend are bored and you’ve got a clean and handy pair of earphones you two could share.

When ASMR listening parties are no bueno.

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