ASMR For Men? What You Need To Know

ASMR For Men? What You Need To Know
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ASMR For Men.

ASMR is this new thing to you and you want to make sure you get it right, its basics and its rules and honestly just learn to enjoy this goodness that is at the time foreign to you and you haven’t seen any of your guy friends listening to it.

1. It’s okay not to like mukbangs.

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First and foremost let’s travel to South Korea, the origin spot of mukbangs and yeah it’s okay not to like them.

Mukbangs are basically in a nutshell chewing videos and they may be nice to look at ,but outside of South Korea they’re just not loved, the sound at least. There’s something about someone chewing in your ears that just not sit well with a lot of folks.

It could be how their raised and being told constantly not chew with your mouth open or it could be how obnoxious it all just sounds we are not sure ,but what we are sure about is it’s okay and only human not to like chewing sounds in your ears.

2. It can be daunting to listen to.

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Listening to the sensation openly and publicly as if music we’ve seen and experienced to be challenging for many.

It can be tough to listen to the goodness openly because you may think it’s just so silly or you’re really the only person that enjoys it or maybe you’ve been misinformed. Many have been misinformed that ASMR is sexual in some form of way when it is actually far from that.

We’ve actually got a whole blog post on how you can listen to ASMR more confidently, here, but what you want to do is first re-educate yourself on the sensation and why it’s normal to just love it.

We have a blog post on the many reasons you love it, here!

3. Whispering is not the only kind.

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If you’ve heard of ASMR you’ve probably heard of it’s very much popular gentle whispering videos ,but we are here to say that there’s more goodness out there. There are more types of the sensation that exist.

We’ve actually got a list of 11 here ,but it’s also your fast and aggressive, slime and your unboxing variants.

4. It calms you.

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It just does.

5. It can lower your anxiety.

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ASMR lowers your anxiety’s anxiety!

6. You can sleep better.

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You just do.

7. Steph Curry’s 3’s also count.

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The sound of Stephen Curry’s 3’s swishing in net also counts as ASMR!

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