ASMR Can Make You The Healthiest You Have Been.

ASMR can make you healthy.
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ASMR can make your days so good 10 times over.

1. Feeling anxious right now?

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Feeling anxious right now? ASMR has been shown to be best received and most enjoyed by listeners who had anxiety and were more frustrated among other things, article on that here.

So it is no shocker to us that listening to the sensation might do wonders for you if you are already feeling anxious in the moment.

2. Feeling kinda tired right now?

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Feeling tired? Okay maybe we are pushing the benefits of the sensation a little now.

ASMR has been shown to relax its listeners and lower their heart rate so it actually does have benefits for you if you’re tired ,but kinda like to help you sleep, the opposite.

So we wouldn’t exactly recommend ASMR to you for a sleepy late night mandatory study session, if you don’t plan on falling asleep sooner at least ,but at the same time it does really lower your anxiety so… we’ll leave this to you, maybe try it for yourself and maybe it will just work in your favour..

3. Feeling sad right now?

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See point #1. We hope you feel better and sometimes it’s okay to be sad.

We love you.

4. ASMR can be such an escape.

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In the same way movies and music can fill up our minds and hearts so can this beauty!

5. ASMR can be used as a bonding thing.

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Ever had of ASMR listening parties? Yeah they’re actually the rave and ASMR can totally be used to make your relationships even stronger.

Many listen to ASMR secretly or not so openly so it is certainly a chance to allow yourself to be vulnerable with someone or have them be vulnerable with you and honestly just a chance to learn each others’ tastes in something, in this case ASMR.

Even more it is a chance to see each other just melting away in euphoria at such a mind melting, heart-warming sensation.

To clarify, vulnerability makes for the strongest relationships, more on that here!

6. It can make you smile more.

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Among other feel good things, the goodness makes your mind just lose it and release dopamine, a feel good in your mind, and a lot of it!

In fact we believe ASMR can make you so irresistibly attractive and we’ve written a whole blog post just for you on that, here.

7. ASMR can help you care less about being judged.

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If you find it hard to listen to this feel good in front of your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend or honestly any stranger then… you’re human and it is totally fine, the sensation is new and you may as you’ve imagined actually get wrongfully judged and stared at for listening to it.

You’re not alone in this and this just means you’ve got a lot to gain in the not caring about what others think of you department, if you choose to start listening to the sensation more openly that is, which is pretty cool.

And if you need help on “listening to ASMR more shamelessly”, this should be a treat!

8. ASMR can help you feel a belonging.

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You having read this entire blog post speaks for itself, ASMR has made you a part of a community and sensation bigger than us all!

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