ASMR Bored? Fall In Love With It Again

Losing your once love for ASMR recently ? We’ve got you with a step by step way to fall back in love with the sensation.

Kind of like this :**

1. Accept your feelings right now.

Firstly you’ve got to accept your feelings right now before you can overcome your feelings or even think of moving forward.

In fact not the easiest thing to do ,but you’ve got to go against your confirmation bias and be honest with yourself.

Even so it may help to talk to someone else to evaluate your feelings about your current slump given your potential confirmation bias.

Furthermore you can read our 14 Things That Make You Love ASMR if you’re unsure what got you into it or just want a reminder of the goodness that is ASMR.

2. Look back at what made you love ASMR.

Some evidence suggests that ‘growing apart’ is one of the most common reasons why real world relationships ultimately fail.

Similarly you may have grown apart from ASMR.

For example maybe you got into ASMR because it lowered your anxiety and your anxiety is gone.

Still the reason you got into it may very well matter.

4. Talk to a friend or sibling.

Even better?

The process of relighting the fire and finding the fun in your relationship with the sensation again can start with a simple, honest conversation.

In fact it can really help to talk to someone else about your loss of excitement.

5. Maybe take an ASMR break.

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Michael Jordan left basketball for baseball while on a 3 championships winning streak,

when many considered he was at his prime; he could of won more and more.

Enjoy your other possibilities!

6. Spice things up.

Familiarity, too much time spent with just about any stimulus no matter how enjoyable will tend to make somebody become less interested.

It’s like hearing a great song one too many times over the radio, just take some time for something else, explore some other choices virtual or real life for a while and it’ll become so much better.

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