9 Reasons You Love ASMR And Fortnite

Why we believe you love ASMR and Fortnite.

ASMR and Fortnite
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

1. ASMR and Fortnite are fresh.

In fact the two were only named after 2010 and they’re both fast growing, check this.

2. Both are an escape.

You comfort in these two sensations when your anxiety has anxiety.

In fact school exams and life’s deadlines come and go ,but these two stay through and through.

In the same way whether it’s after a long week of school, on a Friday afternoon, or it’s the night before the huge family trip you’ve been tagged on you can still chill out to one or both of them.

3. They’re your mom’s enemy.

In all fairness the amount of unproductive time you can spend on ASMR as well as on Fortnite is honestly underrated.

4. Well they can be underground at times.

They can very much be not the talk at school or at friend gatherings which makes them even more the special for you.

5. ASMR and Fortnite tend to surprise us.

When you think there’s no more content left in the jar, BOOOM they got you with more, honestly look at this.

6. Both are an inside joy with our friends.

So both make for wholesome and meaningful conversations with friends IRL or over text.

Even so you can actually play Fortnite with friends and you can do something similar with ASMR, well kinda, read this.

7. They’re are free-to-play.

Free-to-play? well.. kinda, they come with no upfront cost for the joy you get which is honestly a blessing.

Furthermore they’re honestly criminally under-priced at this point.

8. So the two are consistently there for anxious you.

When you’re dealing with life’s anxieties you can just hop onto your PS4, grab your controller and zone out to Fortnite.


Simply grab your phone, put in your earphones, open Youtube and listen to ASMR.

9. ASMR and Fortnite are beginner friendly.

They meet you were you’re at today:

  • With Youtube you can actually pick what ASMR you love.
  • Fortnite added bots to the game and obviously they always matchmake you with the right level of competition, fancy.

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