[8] Why ASMR Feels So Good And It’s Here To Stay

Why ASMR Feels So Good.
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Why ASMR Feels So Good.

1. It’s a feel good.

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ASMR is such a feel good, just thinking of it feels good.

It is this awesome feeling of joy and happiness that is very much synonymous with the sensation.

The actual experience of ASMR is around melting away to these almost euphoric sounds and visuals ,but mostly sounds.

2. It can even be the sound of a Steph Curry 3-pointer.

Stephen Curry

Steph Curry’s 3 pointers also count as being the sensation in their own, yess they really do.

The 4 time NBA Champion’s 3’s not only look good with their rainbow flurry ,but they also sound like the most satisfying thing as they ring down into any official NBA basketball hoop’s net.

3. It’s the newest craze.

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The sensation again was only coined as “ASMR” in 2010 and though it has grown tremendously into a community of millions since then it still has a long way to go and many only just now discovered it in and around the pandemic, probably you too and you may have friends who’ve still never had of it.

It’s in fact been trending in 2022 and we have a whole blog post on that, here!

4. It makes your sadness go away.

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ASMR can definitely brighten your day, if you’re feeling sad give it a listen and maybe text a friend.

5. It’s there on good and bad days.

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Then there’s the fact that you can listen to it therapeutically to lower your anxiety and be less depressed and feel not so sad on bad days ,but you can also just listen to it for it’s goodness, just to feel good on an already good day.

That’s pretty cool!

It’s not a lot of things that stick with you through life’s highs and lows and the ones that do like friends and family and now ASMR always retain a special place in your mind and heart, to return to whenever.

6. It helps you to sleep easy.

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It definitely does, it makes sleeping easy.

7. It’s unique to you.

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The experience is as unique to you as your preferences in it.

You may like the chewing sounds in it or not and you may be more of a gentle sounds than fast and aggressive sounds listener, all these things add up to your unique experience of the sensation and your personal joy and what makes you you!

You may even listen to ASMR because of depression and anxiety you want to lower where others may listen to it to just feel good or sleep easy, all that is again unique to you!

8. Your friends love love love it.

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When our friends love love love something our relationship to that thing changes, our love for it grows and our bond with it strengthens.

We start to give that thing more focus and suddenly we start to catch ourselves remembering all the little facts and details about it when we once forgot them all.

The same could have or could be happening with you and the sensation right now.

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