14 Things That Make You Love ASMR

So The 14 Things That Make You Love ASMR.

You love ASMR
Blackpink posing for Rolling Stone

1. ASMR is like Blackpink.

So ASMR like Blackpink is fresh and unheard of to the old folks yet so common to you and your friends.

Besides it can really be an escape to reality leaving you crushing on it as it can be so sexy yet so cool and at times so intimidating like a bunch we know in Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa and Rosé.

Furthermore it’s safe to say whenever you listen to this sensation you can never have a dull moment.

2. ASMR helps you sleep.

Likewise it does.

3. ASMR frees your worries.

Well it also kind of does.

4. ASMR calms your soul.

Listening to a softly spoken or whispering voice can really calm your nerves like only a long, undisturbed nap after a long high school day could.

5. ASMR is like Fortnite.

Sounds like we’re trolling you now huh?

Well to be fair a little bit, both Fortnite and ASMR never get old!

Okay so maybe that’s not true ,but right when you think you’re done discovering ASMR like the next Fortnite battlepass

BOOOM it comes with new-to-you pleasant surprises.

6. ASMR has no side effects

It just doesn’t. You don’t believe us, read this.

7. ASMR is a shared feeling, so you love ASMR.

Basically to experience ASMR is to be human.

8. ASMR feels so natural, so you love ASMR.

No fancy equipment in your ears, just a bubble of “feel-good” dopamine in your mind.

9. ASMR brings you and your soul mate closer.

It’s literally a feel-good feeling; you and your soulmate could talk about how it makes you both feel and your different preferences of it.

Moreover you two could maybe even listen to ASMR together with one earphone each.

10. ASMR is new, hence you love ASMR.

In fact it’s only 12-15 years old today, trust us.

11. ASMR is banned on Twitch a lot, regardless you love ASMR.

So ASMR is kind of the rave right now. Read this.

12. ASMR is an inside thing among your friends.

Indeed if you’ve ever talked to a close friend about ASMR you know the fun “Ewww” ‘s and “YESSSS” ‘s it can so spur among many things as it can really light up any conversation consequently making for a fun IRL and over text chats.

13. ASMR is like a satisfying rub against your skin.


14. ASMR can be crinkly, tingly or sizzly and even more that can be why you love ASMR.

Lastly ASMR comes in over sixty different genres from taps to blows to even scratches each with their own unique feelings allowing for a lot of personal exploration, preferences and variety.

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