11 Types Of ASMR That Are Proven To Make You Smile

11 Types Of ASMR That Are Proven To Make You Smile
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11 Types Of ASMR That Are Proven To Make You Smile.

1. Fast And Aggressive.

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With our first pick you can kinda feel attacked, fast and aggressive like the name does not shy away from anything.

It usually involves a creator’s sudden variation in tones and speeds of speech. So the creator will for example bounce between bursts of being angry, stern and commanding and those of being gentle, concerned and loving .

2. Mukbangs.

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A Youtube classic, mukbangs!

These kinda depend for you based off where you’re from, for those born in South Korea they will so deeply love these and those not, well the rest of us not so much. Mukbangs are originally from South Korea with creators like Zach Choi and Stephanie Soo so their Korean love is understandable.

Mukbangs if you didn’t know are just chewing videos and maybe audios. More on that here. ASMR has also been trending in South Korea and we have a whole blog on that here.

3. Gentle Whispering.

Gentle whispering speaks for itself, it’s just so gentle and relaxing for the nerves. More on that here.

4. Unboxing.

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This one brings back a popular Youtube classic, yess unboxing. Unboxing can be of anything in the sensation, big or small props, circular or rectangular objects.

The best part in it is during the removal of seals and labels like the see through screen cover of the iPhone 11 and also another joy is the removal of form like for your television set.

5. Barber.

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Then you have your barber ones, these are exactly as they sound and they feature goodness involving mainly hair shaving and cutting.

They will normally be paired with other types of the sensation like gentle whispering.

More on that here.

6. Tapping.

We will definitely be needing tapping on our list, it can include doing so on a keyboard, mouse or just on the microphone itself. There’s just something calming about the whole process in tapping.

More on that here.

7. Roleplay.

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Roleplay and a lot of it!

8. Slime.

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You can just use your imagination for this one.

9. Cranial Examination.

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Cranial exams are really just the best, so they are examinations of your scalp and head as far as the content goes and this ASMR is up close and personal usually involving the doctor usually gear close to your face.

So our doctor is not a real doctor they’re an ASMRtist so you could say this also involves some role play as well and the gear is usually like many flashlights just to flash at your eyes accompanied with a question about your well being.

10. Ambient.

Ambient sounds are usually these sounds used for their calming and relaxing nature.

Those kind of sounds tend to be your rain videos like “Mountain Rain and Thunderstorm Sleep Sounds” and they will have an animated cover of the rain that moves and changes rarely and all so slightly.

These are honestly the best for just laying back and letting your mind be soothed for you.

More that here.

11. Unintentional.

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These are subtle, your day-to-day kinda stuff.

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