11 Best Ways To Light Up Your Dull Day

11 Best Ways To Light Up Your Dull Day
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Sometimes you just need a reason to be happy and sometimes you’re just having a bad day and want to stay sad that’s completely valid ,but if you’re the latter this list is just for you, 11 best ways for you to light up your dull day!

1. Listen to some ASMR.

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A great way to light up your day is by listening to some goodness, yess some ASMR and just really listening to this feel good sensation.

So ASMR has actually been shown to not only sound good ,but to actually have real world benefits. Some of its benefits being it’s ability to lower your depression and anxiety hence why it became most prominent in and around the pandemic when most people were really just stressed and anxious.

More on the health benefits of the sensation, here.

We believe listening to this feel good also makes you more attractive, blog post on that here!

2. Go outside for some sunshine.

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Maybe a walk ,but you could totally just go outside for some sweet Vitamin D, some sunlight.

Once outside you could then figure out what to do or actually just do nothing ,but stand out there.

Some fun outdoor activities if you have a friend and you can are ball games like playing together some tennis or some basketball or maybe soccer, this kinda also depends on your love for ball games.

3. Watch a movie.

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Everyone’s favourite, movie watching.

You could totally go on a movie watching marathon. All you got to do is find some sweet classics to watch then line them up and enjoy.

If you don’t know what movies to watch you could make it a group activity by asking some friends for their recommendations. Movie watching just does everything for you; it’s fun, relaxing and you can create special memories!

4. Message a friend on Whatsapp.

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Even more you could message a friend on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has become synonymous with having a good time with all the amazing conversations and memories that can be shared on the platform.

The platform is not even decades old ,but the memories we’ve shared on it lead us to believe that. Honestly one of the best platforms out there!

5. Play a game of chess on chess.com.

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When you hear “chess” you usually think of a group activity ,but as it turns out you can do it alone.

Well thanks to chess.com, so the site is a platform where people go on to verse others in random online games, well not everything is random like you pick the duration of each game, the random part is more in who you get matched up with.

You could even get matched up with Magnus Carlsen, if you didn’t know who Magnus is let’s just say he is a decent chess player, he is the reigning Chess World Champion and he also uses chess.com daily.

6. Cook up a snack.

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In addition you could put on your chef hat and not only end your boredom ,but make yourself a snack or your next meal, that’s two crosses on your to-do list!

If you’re lost of what to cook you could if you already have the ingredients take count of what you have then google a recipe that goes with what you have and honestly just try cook something you’ve never cooked before.

Or better yet if you’re going out to buy the ingredients afterwards you could watch a Tiktok video with the food you’ve never tried before then work backwards and try figure out how they made the goodness.

Even more fun!

7. Play a game of Fortnite.

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You could also boot up the PlayStation 4 and hop in a game of Fortnite. The Battle Royale is only 5 years old ,but it’s an extremely fun way of spending your day whether you play with friends or play fills.

Our recommendation is to go on a quest to make new friends in the game, which can be a little challenging already especially if you’re naturally introverted or you’ve got some social anxiety ,but it’s certainly rewarding and it can really just make your day a jam better!

8. Get knitting.

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Further more you could give knitting a try, maybe knit yourself a scarf or a sweater!

9. Explore your city.

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Where do we even start?

Where do you even start? You could go on a trip exploring your city. No matter how big or how much you think you have your city or town mapped out you’ll be surprised at all the cool places new to you.

If your city has a museum that can be the start of your journey or maybe a post office.

10. Plan a trip.

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You could plan a solo or group trip alone.

Now you don’t actually have to be going on the trip ,but planning it alone can bring so many feel good feelings and it can be a whole experience!

You could plan a trip to maybe Paris or Bali, be creative on this one and then you can research their culture and all the street foods.

11. Go to your local food market.

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Additionally you could go to your local food market and do the grocery shopping for the night, feel some of the produce and really enjoy the sensual experience of buying fruits and vegetables or even more, meats!

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