11 Best Essentials To Bring On A Picnic Date

11 Best Essentials To Bring On A Picnic Date
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11 Best Essentials To Bring On A Picnic Date. Whether it be a picnic with a friend or one with a significant other the essentials, what to bring to the occasion, to the date can completely go over your head and it can actually be quite stressful to figure out what you even need to bring.

Here’s where we got you with our list.

1. Good ol’ ASMR.

woman wearing white top
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It goes without saying that you’re going to need some goodness, you’re going to need some ear candy and honestly just a feel good for the occasion for both of you to drift away to, yess some good ol’ ASMR.

You’re going to need some of this goodness if you’re hosting a picnic in the post pandemic of COVID 19.

You’re stressed? Instantly gone. You’re depressed? Instantly gone. You’re struggling to fall asleep on the warm crispy day? Instantly gone. We believe ASMR can also make you even more attractive, blog post on that here.

2. A charcuterie board.

sliced meat on brown wooden chopping board
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You’re going to want a romantic food and that’s why a charcuterie board matters and that’s where it comes in.

If you’ve never heard of a charcuterie board it’s what you see in the image above, it is a french shop of cold prepared meats so your bacon, ham and sausages and now accompany that with the usual crackers and cheeses and you got yourself a board.

3. A positive attitude.

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If you could only bring one thing to a date we would hard recommend you bring a positive attitude, head up and confident.

Honestly even above ASMR we believe your attitude makes the whole date. Your attitude being the way you carry yourself, your self love and respect with your standards and then the way appreciate and respect your significant other even if this is just your first meeting.

Especially if this is just your first date and honestly your positiveness and positive outlook on this date and its success.

4. A picnic blanket.

basket of fruit on white cloth
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Unless you plan on sitting on the dry, muddy grass we believe you’ll need a picnic blanket.

A blanket is a definite must if you plan on sitting on the grass or any other terrain and it just really adds to the look and the aesthetic. The one you pick is up to you ,but we would recommend a tainted white maybe a milky brown like coloured white and a general cottagecore theme.

5. Food!

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This is more or less a requirement if you plan on having a picnic in the first place, yess food!

Outside of your charcuterie board you want to have all kinds of other foods. More cheeses and maybe some fruits like apples, oranges, bananas and strawberries. Most picnics end up being an assortment of fruits and rightfully so.

You also want to make sure you have some classical French breads so your croissants.

6. Cutlery.

close up photo of silverware
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If you said yess to food, basically yess to a picnic then you’ve also said yess to cutlery. You’re going to need forks, spoons and knives. Maybe one big sharp knife and one bread knife for cutting your meats and breads respectfully.

The spoons and forks you bring vary based on the food you’re bringing like we said the cutlery is strongly tied to the food you’ve now brought.

7. Wine and a corkscrew.

wine glass bottle
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If you’re of age it’s vital you grab yourself some wine and some glasses with that ,but this is wine we’re talking about so you will certainly need a corkscrew.

Wine has been thought to have many health benefits, well in moderation, with all it’s antioxidants and it honestly just tastes like the picnic mood.

8. A gift.

crop glad woman with dried flowers box leaving floristry store
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Lunching outdoors is a great opportunity to gift a friend or date a special surprise gift.

And when you do gift this present you want something you can conceal on you even if it’s not a surprise and you also want it to be not-so-messy so you can keep it inside the basket.

The gift needs to be small ,but precious and special. Some ideas are a photoed frame of something your date said before, their favourite dessert like ice cream, a book they want or a new sippy cup.

9. A map of your city.

close up photo of assorted color of push pins on map
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Sitting down and doing nothing can get boring and this is where activities come in we recommend a fun, dreamy shot of map games. Maybe you can learn something new about your city, impress your date or be impressed.

10. Sunscreen.

woman in yellow bikini holding white plastic spray bottle
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Sunscreen is really the last thing you want to think about when having a nice date ,but depending on your skin and the sun that day it may be the most important thing you bring.

11. Trash Bags.

trash inside a trash bag
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Keeping the environment clean and tidy is a must on any occasion.

So if you can pack some extra black bags to store your trash away in after your wholesome picnic date we vouch for that.

Cleaning up after yourselves is actually one of the most attractive things you can do together and it’s certainly a great way to wrap up afterwards.

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